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Montclair, California

Skin recovery is attainable to anyone no matter one’s age or skin type. At the ESENSE Bio-Lab, true stem cell nutrition became the basis for product development and one of the most effective ingredients leading to skin recovery. Under the guidance of doctors, ESENSE spent more than ten years developing the Epiblast-derived stem cells to create unique and advanced products. The products passed the test of time (five years of market trial) along with main SGS tests and FDA registered. After more than decade of skin recovery trials, ESENSE beauty brings the latest in technically advanced products combined with a unique skin delivery system.

ESENSE beauty products contain naturally enriched elements that are suitable for all ages and skin types. Intolerant, unhealthy, and damaged skins – such from post-laser treatments, glycolic acid peels, sun-damaged, eczema, burns and dark spots – will benefit from ESENSE specialized products. The ESENSE beauty team explores potential benefits in skin care from current knowledge of developmental biology. We provide the most gentle effective skin care with all natural active ingredients for damaged or aging skin. Our special ingredient, ESENSE X2, is a natural extract that contains multiple GFs and nutritional components, formulated with other plant-based natural extracts to work in sync with your skin. With regular use, our product will effectively even skintone and diminish multiple signs of aging while leaving skin smoother, healthier and more radiant.